Rent A Me Bear
Season 2, Episode 3
Air Date January 25, 2012
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Rent Me A Bear is the third episode of Season 2 in Glee: A New Beginning. It aired on January 25, 2012. Was written by ArpickgLeeker.

Plot Edit

It starts with Charlie watching Acoustic Rush members in the cafeteria. Dj, What's wrong? Charlie, I don't know, is that a new Glee Club in McKinley... Dj, Is not cool? Charlie, Yeah. Dj, Charlie, I still ashamed...for the almost kiss thing... Charlie, Don't worry it was just a moment of anger. Dj, Well, that's true. And about Acoustic Rush they are only three, they need to be twelve, and I don't think a mmber of our group will leave us. Charlie, So true. So are you going to audition for Angel? Dj, Sure but... Charlie, I will help you. Dj, Thank you. Teddy and I want to sing... Charlie, Let me choose the song or you.


Tori, Sorry kids but, we will leave. Caro, What are you talking about? Tori, We love you, but being in a Glee Club with just 3 members will give us the fame we want. Will walks in. Will, Hey ki... Jade, Tori and Conner will leave the club. Will, What? Conner, We already told you that is for our good. Will, How is it possible? Tori, Sorry Mr. Schue but we already talked to Ms. Holiday. Will, Well, I guess you have to do what you want. Conner, Thank you. Will, Whenever you want to comeback, our doors are open. Tori, Thanks. Tori and Conner leave the Choir Room. Caro, Minus two, and thirteen are left. Darren, That sucks! And then Charlie gets in. Charlie, I found a girl who wants to be in the club. Her name is Penny. Penny, Hi, I was afraig of auditioning, because I have autism... Caro, Can you hurry up? Penny, I think that it is better if I leave. Ashton, Don't worry, I know it is hard but, you have to try it. Penny, Thanks. Will, Hit It!

Penny: I will not make
The same mistakes that you did
I will not let myself
'Cause my heart so much misery

I will not break
The way you did, you fell so hard
I've learned the hard way
To never let it get that far

Because of you
I never stray too far from the sidewalk
Because of you
I learned to play on the safe side
So I don't get hurt

Because of you
I find it hard to trust
Not only me, but everyone around me
Because of you
I am afraid

I watched you die
I heard you cry
Every night in your sleep

I was so young
You should have known
Better than to lean on me

You never thought
Of anyone else
You just saw your pain

And now I cry
In the middle of the night
For the same damn thing

Because of you
I never stray too far from the sidewalk
Because of you
I learned to play on the safe side
So I don't get hurt

Because of you
I tried my hardest just to forget everything
Because of you
I don't know how to let anyone else in

Because of you
I'm ashamed of my life
Because it's empty
Because of you I am afraid

Because of you
Because of you

Jade and Dj were crying. Dj, One of the most beautiful things I've seen in my life. Will, You're definitely in. Ashton, Awesome! Penny, Thank you. Jade, Do you mind if we hug you? Penny, No, I... Dj and Jade hug her.

Charlie was walking by the hallway with Ashton and Daniel. Charlie, Well I know you're the new guys in the club, but please if you have ideas or stuff like that, please just... Daniel, We understand. Ashton, So you and Jade? Charlie, Yes since last year. Daniel, Cool. Ashton, Yes, she is really hot! Charlie and Daniel stares at him. Ashton, Sorry. Daniel, So what about those guys, Acoustic Rush? Ashton, Yes, now they're five and we don't know if someon else will join them. Daniel, Yes like Tori and Conner. Charlie, Ok, as a group we may not have negative thoughts of our partners, I know no one else will leave. Ashton, If you say it.

Caro: Last night I had this dream. I found myself
In a desert called Cyberland. It was hot
My canteen had sprung a leak
And I was thirsty.
Out of the abyss
Walked a cow - Elsie.
I asked if she had anything to drink.
She said
"I'm forbidden to produce milk.
In Cyberland, we only drink Diet Coke".
(Abi and Rose: Coke, Coke, Coke)

She said
"Only thing to do is
Jump over the moon

They've closed everything real down...
Like barns, troughs, Performance spaces...
And replaced it all with lies and rules and virtual life. (Abi and Rose: Life, Life, Life) But there is a way out..."

Abi and Rose: Leap of faith leap of faith
Leap of faith leap of faith

Caro: Only thing to do is
Jump over the moon
I gotta get out of here!
It's like
I'm being tied to
The hood of a yellow rental truck
Being packed in with Fertilizer and fuel oil
Pushed over a cliff by
A suicidal Mickey Mouse!
I've gotta find a way

To jump over the moon
Only thing to do is
Jump over the moon

Abi and Rose: Leap of faith, leap of faith

Caro: Then a little bulldog entered.
His name (we have learned) Was Benny.
And although he once had principles
He abandoned them to live as a lap dog
To a wealthy daughter of the revolution.
"That's bull," he said.

"Ever since the cat took up the fiddle
That cow's been jumpy.
And the dish and the spoon Were evicted from the table - And eloped...
She's had trouble with that milk and the moon ever since. Maybe it's a female thing

'Cause who'd want to leave Cyberland anyway?...
Walls ain't so bad.
The dish and the spoon for instance.
They were down on their luck -Knocked on my doghouse door.

I said
'Not in my backyard,utensils!
Go back to China!
The only way out - is up,' Elsie whispered to me

"A leap of faith.
Still thirsty?", she asked.
"Have some milk."
I lowered myself beneath her swollen udder
And sucked the sweetest milk I'd ever tasted.

"Climb on board," she said. And as a harvest moon rose over Cyberland
We reared back
And sprang into a gallop Leaping out of orbit!

I awoke singing
Only thing to do
Only thing to do is jump
Only thing to do is
Jump over the moon
Only thing to do is
Jump over the moon
Over the moon
Over the moooooooo
Moo with me

Abi and Rose: Leap of faith, etc.

Caro: "C'mon, sir, moo with me"

Thank you.

Charlotte, Good? Emma, Mmm... Shannon, The most weird song in the world I guess. Charlotte, But it was good. Caro, Thank you? Abi, You're welcome.

When Caro was walking out the auditorium she finds out Luke. Caro, Luke we have to talk. Luke was smoking. Luke, I don't have to talk with you. Caro, Give me this.. She throws Luke's cigarette. ...What's wrong with you Luke? Luke, I don't know what's wrong? Caro, Are we still a couple? Luke, I think, but we haven't talk since I left the freaking Glee Club. Caro, How can you talk like that about New Directions, your family. Luke, I'm not sure if I have a family. Caro slaps Luke. Luke, I needed that. Caro, I know. I miss you. Luke, Why do you miss me? Caro, Isn't it obvious? I love you Luke, you're my soulmate. Luke, Really? Caro, When you want to talk...I'll be waiting. Luke, Please wait in a chair.

Later Chuck was in Abi's house. Chuck, Hey so you will be in the play. Abi, Yes! But my character will be lesbian, you don't have aby problem with it, right? Cause if... Chuck, Don't worry it is ok. Abi, Thank you. Chuck, You know, I have something for you. Chuck gets out of the room and then he returns with a big teddy bear. Abi, Oh My God! It is for me? Chuck, Just for you. Abi, Did you rent the bear? Chuck, What? Abi, Never mind it is beautiful. Chuck, Yeah, right? Abi, And it is just for me. Chuck, You know what? Abi, What? Chuck, I'll audition for the musical. Abi, Really? That will be awesome!

The next day Charlie was with Jade and Rose. Charlie, Rose, why won't you audition for the musical. Rose, I don't know, I love singing, but I don't really love big roles in plays. Jade, But you like big roles in the club right? Rose, Funny Jade. Jade, Sorry. Rose, I have to meet Darren in the cafeteria. Charlie, See you. Jade, Bye. Charlie, Jade I want to talk with you about something. Jade, It doesn't sounds good. Charlie, I'm not sure if it is for good, but come here. Jade, Charlie you're freaking me out. Charlie gets on kis knees. Jade, Oh My God, Charlie you're crazy. Charlie, Shh, let me talk. We've been dating today, one year... And this is not what you think. I just want to give you a promise ring, I want you to promise me that one day we will get married, and we'll have kids, and we'll have a happy family. Jade, Oh Charlie... Jade leave Charlie.

Chuck: Don't breathe too deep
Don't think all day
Dive into work
Drive the other way
That drip of hurt
That pint of shame
Goes away
Just play the game

You're living in America
At the end of the millennium
You're living in America
Leave your conscience at the tone
And when you're living in America
At the end of the millennium
You're what you own

The filmmaker cannot see
And the songwriter cannot hear
Yet I see Mimi everywhere
Angel's voice is in my ear
Just tighten those shoulders
Just clench your jaw
'Til you frown
Just don't let go
Or you may drown

You're living in America
At the end of the millennium
You're living in America
Where it's like the
Twilight Zone
And when you're living in America
At the end of the millennium
You're what you own

So I own not a notion
I escape and ape content
I don't own emotion - I rent

Dying in America
At the end of the millennium
We're dying in America
To come into our own
And when you're dying in America
At the end of the millennium
You're not alone

I'm not alone
I'm not alone

Charlotte, Nice, for which character are you auditioning Mark or Roger? Chuck, Benjamin. Emma, Good choice Chuck. Shannon, Now I won't stop thinking about that song, nice. Charlotte, I didn't knew that being the directorwould be that hard. Mike gets in the auditorium. Mike, Excuse me, Charlotte, Mr. Schue needs you in the Choir Room. Charlotte, Thanks Mike, I'm going.

Then Charlotte gets in the Choir Room and she sees Will and Luke. Charlotte, Luke? Luke, The same honey. Charlotte, What are you doing here? Luke, I'm back in the stars road. Will, And he will be your co-director. Charlotte, Luke? Really? Luke!? Luke, Yes believe it or not, yesterday Caro talked with me and what she touched me. Charlotte, Everything is perfect in our musical world so you may be at four in the auditorium. Luke, Yes, Ms. Boss.

The next day Dj was talking with Charlie. Dj, So what we will sing? Charlie, Definitely, I'll Cover You. Dj, I was thinking abou that. Charlie, Look you're the only ones auditioning for that role so it doesn't matter if you're good or not. Dj stares at him Charlie, I know you'll be good, I was just saying. Dj, I don't feel ready. Charlie, You're ready. Dj, I'm ready. Charlie, You're ready! Dj, I'm ready!

Dj: Live in my house
I'll be your shelter
Just pay me back
With on thousand kisses
Be my lover
And I'll cover you

Teddy: Open your door
I'll be your tenant
Don't got much baggage
To lay at your feet
But sweet kisses
I've got to spare
I'll be there
And I'll cover you

Both: I think they meant it
When they said
You can't buy love
Now I know you can rent it
A new lease you are my love
On life
Be my life

Just slip me on
I'll be your blanket
Wherever whatever
I'll be your coat

Dj: You'll be my king
And I'll be your castle

Teddy: No, you'll be my queen
And I'll be your moat

Both: I think they meant it
When they said
You can't buy love
Now I know you can rent it
A new lease you are my love
On life
All my life

I've longed to discover
Something as true as this is

Teddy: So, with a thousand sweet kisses

Dj: If you're cold and you're lonely

Teddy: I'll cover you
With a thousand sweet kisses

Dj: You've got one nickel only

Teddy: I'll cover you

Dj: With a thousand sweet kisses

Teddy: When you're worn out and tired

Dj: I'll cover you
With a thousand sweet kisses

Teddy: When you're heart has expired

Dj: I'll cover you

Both: Oh, lover
I'll cover you
yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Oh, lover
I'll cover you

Charlotte, The song is really gay, but you gays make it... Shannon, More gay? Charlotte, Really emotional. Dj, Thank you. Emma, So, obviously you want the roles of Angel and Collins. Teddy, Yeah. Dj, But I want to ask if I can do it without dragging. Luke, Really? Luke was getting in the auditorium. Dj, Luke. Luke, New co-director. Teddy, Nasty. Luke, Thank you, you did it really good. Dj, Thanks. The bell rings.

The next day Charlie finds Jade in the hallway. Charlie, Jade... Jade, Before you talk, sorry, I was really stupid, it just took me by surprise and... Charlie kisses Jade. Jade, I needed that. Charlie, Don't worry if you don't want to take the ring. Jade, You haven't look my hand, right? Charlie, Oh My God, really? Charlie kisss Jade again. Jade, I love you and I will always be with you, until the end of times. Charlie hugs Jade as they leave to the Choir Room.

Later Luke and Charlotte were walking by the hallway with the name of the characters for the musical.

Charlie John Thompson as Roger

Jade Weaters as Mimi

Charles Salvatore as Benny

Abi Lynn Lopez as Joanne

Caroline Underwood as Maureen

Darren Groen as Steve

David Pierce as Angel

Theodore Stilinski as Collins

Daniel Strong as Mark

'Mark, Tori, Conner, Rose, Ashton, Penny, Austynn, Marla and Lily as Company and Extras

The kids were looking at the characters and they notice that Acoustic Rush members were part of the musical. Caro, Well, the worst will be if one of them take our characters. Teddy, That's true.

Later the kids were in the musical rehearsals. Charlotte, Ok, now we will practica Goodbye Love. Luke, One, two, three, hit it!

Jade: It's true you sold your guitar
And bought a car?

Charlie: It's true -
I'm leaving now for Santa Fe
It's true
You're with this yuppie scum?

Chuck: You said -
You'd never speak to him again

Jade: Not now

Caro: Who said that you have any say
In who she says things to at all?

Charlie: Yeah!

Abi: Who said that you should stick your nose in other people's...

Caro: Who said
I was talking to you?

Abi: We used to have this fight each night
She'd never admit I existed

Daniel: Calm down
Everyone please

Jade: He was the same way
He was always
"Run away - hit the road
Don't commit" -
You're full of shit

Chuck: Mimi

Abi: She's in denial

Jade: He's in denial

Abi: Didn't give an inch
When I gave a mile

Daniel: Come on

Jade: I gave a mile

Charlie: Gave a mile to who?

Daniel and Chuck: Come on guys chill

Jade and Abi: I'd be happy to die for
A taste of what Angel had
Someone to live for -
Unfraid to say
I love you

Charlie: All your words are nice Mimi
But love's not a three-way street
You'll never share real love
Until you love yourself -
I should know

Teddy: You all said
You'd be cool today
So please - for my sake...
I can't believe he's gone
I can't believe you're going
I can't believe
This family must die
Angel helped us believe in love
I can't believe you disagree

All: I can't believe
This is goodbye

Daniel: I hear there are great restaurants out west

Charlie: Some of the best.
How could she?

Daniel: How could you let her go?

Charlie: You just don't know...
How could we lose Angel?

Daniel: Maybe you'll see why
When you stop escaping your pain
At least now if you try - Angel's death won't be in vain

Charlie: His death is in vain

Daniel: Are you insane?
There so much to care about
There's me - there's Mimi -

Charlie: Mimi's got her baggage too

Daniel: So do you

Charlie: Who are you to tell me
What I know, what to do

Daniel: A friend

Charlie: But who, Mark, are you?
"Mark has got his work"
They say
"Mark lives for his work"
"Mark's in love with his work"
Mark hides in his work

Daniel: From what?

Charlie: From facing your failure
Facing your loneliness
Facing the fact
You live a lie
Yes, you live a lie -
Tell you why
You're always preaching
Not to be numb
When that's how you thrive

You pretend to
Create and observe
When you really
Detach from feeling alive

Daniel: Perhaps it's because
I'm the one of us to survive

Charlie: Poor baby

Daniel: Mimi still loves Roger
Is Roger really jealous
Or afraid that Mimi's weak

Charlie: Mimi did look pale

Daniel: Mimi's gotten thin
Mimi's running out of time
Roger's running out the door -

Charlie: No more! Oh no!
I've gotta go

Daniel: Hey, for somebody
Who's always been let down
Who's heading out of town?

Charlie: For someone who longs
For a community of his own
Who's with his camera, alone?

I'll call
I hate the fall

Charlie: You heard?

Jade: Every word
You don't want baggage
Without lifetime guarantees
You don't want
To watch me die?
I just came to say

Goodbye, love
Goodbye, love
Came to say goodbye, love

Jade: Just came to say
Goodbye love
Goodbye love
Goodbye love

Charlie: Glory
One blaze of glory
Have to find

Jade: Please don't touch me
I'm scared
I need to go away

Daniel: I know a place - a clinic

Chuck: A rehab?

Jade: Maybe - could you?

Chuck: I'll pay

Jade: Goodbye love
Goodbye love
Came to say goodbye, love
Just came to say
Goodbye love
Goodbye love
Goodbye love
Hello - disease

Charlotte, Awesome! Luke, Yes, but... Charlotte hits him. ...Incredible. Charlotte, From the top.

Songs Edit

Because Of You by Kelly Clarkson: Sung by Penny.

Over The Moon from RENT: Sung by Caro with Abi and Rose.

What You Own from RENT: Sung by Chuck.

I'll Cover You from RENT: Sung by Dj and Teddy.

Goodbye Love from RENT: Sung by Jade, Charlie, Chuck, Caro, Abi, Daniel and Teddy.

Trivia Edit

Caro's audtion song Take Me Or Leave Me' is sang by the same character she's auditioning for Maureen.

This is the first time someone gives a promise ring to someone.

Cast Edit

Abbie Lynn Montello as Abi Lynn Lopez

BrittanaAndKlaineLover as Caroline Caro Underwood

Camsay as Charles Chuck Salvatore

ArpickgLeeker as Charlie John CJ Thompson

Laurakeee as Charlotte Scott

Dancinkc137 as Conner Dawson

Tyboy618 as Darren Jamie Groen

ArashiKagami as David Dj Pierce

QuinnQuinn as Jade Weaters

xIamAweSam as Lucas Luke Hamilton

ArpickgLeeker as Mark Criss

Rossidaniella as Rose Weiner

ArashiKagami as Theodore Teddy Stilinski

The blue eyes girl as Victoria Tori James

Matthew Morrison as Will Schuester

Harry Shum Jr. as Mike Chang

Klainer 619 as Ashton Scott

Wicked.Renthead-Gleek as Daniel Strong

Samchelfan as Penny Lefebvre

Jayma Mays as Emma Pillsburry

Dot Jones as Shannon Beiste